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Enchanted Event

2018 Enchanted Event, June 23rd ONE DAY ONLY!!

Hurry! This might be the last year!

An Enchanted Event

I am standing in the kitchen window, watching my daughter play in the backyard. She dressed herself in a princess costume again; her tiara sparkles in the sunlight. Her dress bells out as she twirls through the grass. She giggles and curtsies to an imaginary prince. These are the magical moments of childhood.

At this moment, she isn’t Etta-in-the-backyard; Etta is the princess.

At this moment, my daughter is magical. Her imagination is magical.

Let us make a magical moment for your daughter.dsc_3492

Join us June 23rd for an Enchanted Event that will move your daughter from backyard princess to real life magic.

From gorgeous handpicked dresses, to whimsical sets; floral crowns to a beautiful mini-unicorn…we have created an Enchanted Event that your daughter won’t forget. These memories, and these timeless photographs will last a lifetime.

Book now by contacting us at


Frequently Asked Questions

How much for this amazing event?

For the limited unicorn spots (the unicorn spots also include photos in other sets), the price is $250.00. These are the early morning spots on both days and will fill quickly. The remaining spots, which are also amazing and include beautiful sets, are $225.00. $100 is due at booking, the remainder on the day of the event. You can include up to three girls in one shoot/time slot. Feel free to book with friends!

Who is the unicorn?

Our unicorn is the fabulous Rosie Binsfield! You can find her on facebook at Rosie is a therapy animal, and is very used to spending time with people of all sizes and ages. She is very gentle, and her handler will be on hand at all times. When working with live animals, there is an extra contingency in the contract to release us from liability. Please remind your children to use gentle hands and avoid Rosie’s eyes, mouth, and tail.

Rosie is available for a few hours each day, only in the morning. These spots will go quickly! These are premium spots, and there is an additional fee to accommodate for Rosie’s time.

How early do we need to get there?

If you are doing hair and makeup, our stylist will tell you when to arrive on location. If you are not getting hair and makeup, we would say about 20 minutes.  This can change depending on number of girls in your shoot, whether there are two girls scheduled for shoots at the same time, etc. When you book, we will give you your suggested arrival time based on these factors.

What do we need to bring?

You will need to bring shoes (we suggest ballet flats or strappy sandals, or just plain barefoot), a tight-fitting bandeau top (some of the bodices of the dresses are thin), and a well-rested girl with clean, dry hair, face, and nails and a full belly!

How long is the shoot?

20 minutes

What is included?

This is a fully styled session. We have been working hard on creating three enchanted sets, complete with props, to make your little girl feel magical.  We will have a variety of dresses and coordinating headpieces for you and your daughter to choose from. Hair and makeup services are optional for an additional fee. Five fully retouched, high-resolution files will be delivered via digital download after the shoot. Additional digital files will be available for purchase if you so choose.

How do I book?

It’s easy!  Simply email us at  We will then send you a form to fill out to complete your booking process, including your preferred time. We will try to stick as close to that time as possible, but we also want to make sure that you have a variety of dresses to pick from. So we might move your time by as much as 30 minutes in either direction. Please note, there is a $100 retainer fee due at the time of booking. The remainder is due on the day of the event. Cash or check is accepted.

Where is it?

Once you have paid your deposit, we will let you know the address. It is a beautiful private property in Pulaski.

What is the cancellation policy?

Because we have such a limited time frame for these portraits, the session retainer is non-refundable. There are only two dates available specific to the Enchanted sessions, so we will do our best to reschedule as long as you give us at least 48 hours’ notice. No-shows forfeit the entire session retainer. Anybody more than 5 minutes late for their session will forfeit their session retainer.

Can I give this as a gift?


Can I include me, my grandma, the neighbors, my nieces? (maximum # of people)

This shoot is limited to children only. If you’d like to include more than 3 children, you will need to book two back-to-back sessions, as a larger group will take longer to photograph. You will receive the digital images from both sessions.

How much are additional images?

Each image over the 5 provided is $25/digital image, or 5 for $100.

How much is hair and makeup and how do I schedule?

Hair services are $25/girl (braids, loose curls, etc), and makeup services are $10/girl (lip gloss, light blush and mascara). To schedule, you will need to contact Victoria at and she will schedule your appointment. Hair and makeup will be done on-site.

If you are getting your hair and makeup done, make sure you wear a button down shirt or something that is wide enough to lift up over your hair and come with your hair clean and dry and ready for styling.

What if I don’t like the dresses?

We have spent countless hours scouring boutiques, upscale costume rental facilities, and the internet to find a supply of AMAZING dresses for this event. There will be multiple dresses available in each size, so you will have a selection.  That being said, if your daughter has a dress she absolutely loves and wants to wear, please just let us know!

What if it rains?

If it rains, we will shoot in the beautiful, antique barn on site.

What is the age range for these shoots?

We have dresses in sizes 12 months to 14 years. Due to the nature of the shoot, we are recommending that if a girl wants unicorn pictures, she is both able to confidently stand unassisted and hold on to the lead rope by herself. If she’s still little, we recommend she either has an older sister/cousin/friend in photos with her to help hold the pony’s leadrope, or just do the other setups without the pony, which are gorgeous. This is for safety reasons. While the pony is small, and the handler will also have a lead rope; she is still a live animal, and we want to take all the proper precautions.

Are you available other days?

This is the only time this event will be hosted this year.

How do I contact you?

It’s easy! Simply email us at

Can I pay less for a shorter time?  

20 minutes is the minimum time required per shoot.

Can we use two dresses?

Due to time constraints, there will be a limit of one dress per girl.

Can I bring my dog?  

No pets will be allowed.

Can I request what photographer I want?  

Yes, when booking you will have an opportunity to select your photographer if you have a preference.

When do I get the images?  

They will be delivered to you via online gallery 10-14 days after the event.

Can I share them on FB?


How do I print?

We would love if you chose to print through our professional, archival quality print vendor, which is conveniently available right in your gallery. Once you have the digital files, however, you can choose to print wherever you choose, but we cannot guarantee the quality of any vendor other than our own.

Can I bring my son?  

Absolutely. However, there is no wardrobe provided for boys.


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