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This is {legacy}

Legacy is what we leave behind. It is little things like the way we say goodnight, the words we use to say, “I love you,” the nursery rhymes we know the words to before we know how to read. It is everyday things like being kind, saying thank you, and giving great hugs. It is big things like bravery, honesty, strength, and love. It is without measure. It is what we leave behind.

It is a beginning.


It is bliss.


It is happiness.

1467305_592273677486978_1171538472_nIt is dedication.


It is strength.KIDD_1745

It is honesty.


It is bravery, it is grief, and it is joy.

DSC_3417It is love.


This is legacy.

green bay area newborn photographer_0355

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